Let us cut right to it!

God is almighty God, the creator of everything. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who is fully God and became flesh, giving His life for us that we could have relationship with God for eternity. Jesus died and ascended to heaven and promised we would have a counselor and advocate that would teach us and empower us. The Holy Spirit is who empowers us and is the third part of the triune God.
We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that it is alive and powerful as the absolute truth in its inspiration by the Holy Spirit. The Truth is sharper than any sword and pierces our souls growing us into maturity in our Knowledge of Jesus Christ. This maturity will allow us to share in God’s glory by reaching lost souls for the Kingdom of God and provide a way for believers to strengthen their faith through discipleship allowing them to reach and fulfill their God given purpose in life while reaching their potential in Jesus.