The Bridge Kids Ministry

The Bridge Kids Ministry

FREE After School

A unique opportunity for children (grades K-8th) to come together after school and learn how to live like Christ. Most of our public school systems and everyday culture has drifted away from teaching Biblical values and disciplines to our youth.
Through The Bridge Kids Ministry, we hope to re-instill biblical principles that are all too often missing from our younger generations. Through daily studies and teachings, children are introduced to Bible basics and structure. Using no other curriculum than the Bible, kids are provided the resources needed to jumpstart their own individual relationship with the one true God. (1 Thessalonians 4:1; 1 Thessalonians 3:12)
After a daily snack and Bible study, children are allotted time to complete their homework. In teaching complete stewardship, we believe in giving our best at all times for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). Education is not exempt from this pursuit of excellence. For this reason, volunteers dedicate their time to make sure your child can confidently complete their homework. At the end of the day, children have free time to stretch their legs outside and stretch their minds with donated games or activities brought by the volunteers.
In each aspect of the after school ministry, children will not only learn how to build healthy relationships with each other, but also how to positively impact the world around them. Ultimately we aspire for our kids to become world changers through having a personal relationship with Christ.
Grades K-8 Schedule
Spring Semester – January through June
Fall Semester – August through December
Monday through Friday 2:00pm – 6:00 pm*
* The schedule follows the Academic Schedule given by the Carson City School District. Times vary upon the school schedule for each particular school and grade level.
We will give kids, from infants to teens, the knowledge, passion, and ability to find their own true salvation in Christ. Our kids will be world changers for the one true God, because of the one true Savior and via the one true Holy Spirit.
To give the kids in the Carson City community a FREE ability to learn about the very purpose they were created and the desire to be world changers by applying God’s power to their lives. Through various Biblical truths we will teach: complete stewardship in life, what a personal relationship with Christ is, and how to impact the world around us. Furthermore, there will be academic tutoring times for students, sports programs, community volunteer hours and arts to help further the Good News lived by every child in the Bridge Kids Ministries.
Contact and Registration Information

Brady and Charlotte Roser
Bridge Kids Pastors
Office Phone: 775-476-2228
Email: skyquest@thebridgenv.com