Cleaning Out the Storage of Our Hearts

Throughout Sharleen and my preparation for India both spiritually and physically, the Holy Spirit has revealed and exposed many memories, burdens, weaknesses, strengths,…etc. to each of us to surrender over to the Lord. As

Answering Prayers

Well, readers yet confites again God has blown filozofa us away with the way He answers prayer and what He is accomplishing through us. This past week has been one of confirmation and seeing God’s

What To Expect

Well, two more weeks have passed and God has brought wholesale MLB jerseys us that much closer to being with a new people group (we are still pinching ourselves; we have Coffees bruises to prove it).

Preparing For India

Hello everyone. This is Sam and Sharleen posting our first ever India blog! Wow, even typing it seems surreal. Honestly though this part of our testimonies has been one Sports of true answers to